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Monday, February 26, 2007

66 Days

I don't know why there is a gray cloud over my head when it comes to bringing dates to weddings. A few examples:

My friend Stacey's wedding- Had a boyfriend but The Man had one of his friend's weddings that same weekend, 8 hours away.

My friend Karen's wedding- invited the Man and paid for his ticket, and we broke up two weeks before the trip to LA.

My latest conundrum- I have a co-worker's wedding in the Dominican Republic in 66 days, and already booked and paid for the all-inclusive trip for two. This is my fault- I impulsively booked the trip after a fun night out with The Date (remember him?) only to realize a few days later that we wouldn't last until May. So now I have about two months to find a date. And this just can't be any date, I mean, if that was the case I have friends who would jump at the chance for a trip to the DR. Oh no, this has to be a romantic getaway. Sand, beach, margaritas, sex.

There has to be lead time, too. I kind of need to let the bride and groom know who I am bringing and make sure my date has an airline ticket. So technically I have about 50 days and counting. Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • At 12:41 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    I would suggest myself, but I've been to the DR and the wait staff messed with me when I tried to order my dinner in Spanish.

    Besides, I'm not nearly graphic or offensive enough to fit your recent dating clientele.


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