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Monday, March 05, 2007

The Sleep Test

It's funny. When I am dating someone, I evaluate the person against a whole host of criteria: physical attraction, sexual attraction, interests, intellect, personality, friends, how they treat me, etc. Yet at the end of the day, I have decided that it all comes down to one important thing: how well I sleep with the person. NO, I am not talking about sex, but rather, just sleeping. Side by side. Snoring, drooling, sleeping.

Looking back at the boyfriends I have had over the years, as well as the guys that I dated, a theme arises. The good relationships resulted in a good night's sleep, and the guys that I struggled with left me tossing and turning. You might be thinking, "duh," but take a second to think about the people you dated and how well you slept at the very beginning. Go back to sleep overs #1-5. Whether or not the relationship turned into anything, at that point, you probably thought it had potential. But your subconscious knew better.

Let's use a recent example: The Date. As you devoted readers might recall, I really tried to like him. We dated for four months, and definitely had our good days and bad. Yet throughout it all, there was never one night where I slept peacefully, straight through the night. It didn't matter if we were at my place either. Every morning I awoke tired from a crappy night's sleep. He even bought a new Select Comfort bed halfway through. No help.

Now, I know that this theory is not the test for who I am going to marry. After all, I slept like a baby with The Man. But at least it can help weed out the ones that I shouldn't even be sleeping next to at all....


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