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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Only in New York

I love the surprises most in New York. What someone is going to say, who you are going to run into in your local bodega, what someone is wearing. This morning provided me with another dose of much needed shock.

Upon exiting my apartment building this morning to head to work, the very first words I heard as I breathed in the crisp fall air were, "I sold cocaine for 15 years and made a lot of money." While this is not that of an uncommon phrase, it wasn't normal at 8:47am. And it definitely was not normal coming from the mouth of my affable, 60-year old neighbor. Weird. I thought the man baked for his grandkids all day, or did Soduko. I wouldn't have pegged him for a coke dealer.

No less than 50 short steps later, as I was crossing 3rd Avenue, I heard another neighbor yelling across the street at me, "Your outfit is so cute today." That was no surprise as my outfit is one of my favorites (orange short sleeve sweater with brown and orange plaid cropped wool pants from BCBG, with brown and orange platform shoes.) Weird was that I have never really spoken with said neighbor, except to pet his dog. He is definitely gay, which would explain the fashion praise that all of Gramercy could hear.

Oh, and for those of you anxiously awaiting the answers to yesterday's questions:

1) 1898
2) Hollywood
3) Golden Girls

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Trivia Night

So last night was Trivia Night again at The Slipper Room. The Date (can't call him The Man obviously) and I had gone about a month ago, which was tons of fun. Of course, I really couldn't bring much to the table as there were a limited number of Pop Culture questions. Why couldn't they ask to name 4 actors in Girls Just Want to Have Fun or something like that? (which would be SJP, Helen Hunt, Shannen Dougherty, and Jonathan Silverman.)

Last night was no different. Except that we won! $200!! The Date invited his very smart Ivy League friends and they had quite the showing. The only question I answered was "What adjective is Mastercard in the process of copyrighting?" which was easy: Priceless.

If you want to test your Trivia Knowledge, try answering some of the following questions which were asked last night:

1) What year did the 5 boroughs merge into New York City?
2) What word can you read behind the MGM logo with the lion?
3) Following the success of the hit series Miami Vice in the 80's, what show that soon debuted was nicknamed Miami Nice?

There were many questions on Presidents, Politics, and History which I will post when the questions are emailed to me...

Answers will be posted later, but feel free to guess.

Monday, September 25, 2006


It's that time of year again. Sort of like Halloween where I get to dress up, but the costume is always "Happy Single Woman Living in NYC and Not Upset Seeing Everyone From My Hometown Married and With 3 Kids." It's also kind of like Thanksgiving, as I get to eat delicious homemade food. But the holiday I am referring to is Rosh Hashana.

5767. This is going to be my year. I can just feel it. That's the best thing about being Jewish. If the calendar year isn't going so well for you, and/or your annual resolutions have gone to hell, you can just start over with the Jewish New Year. It's a whole new year.

I find it weird, though, that the Jewish New Year starts off with a day of fasting 10 days into the New Year. Shouldn't the atonement be on Day 1 or 2 of the New Year? So one can really start of the New Year sinfree? I know, I know, the 10 days in between are the holy days, so you really are not supposed to sin at that time. Is that why Jews can't get married during this time? Cuz it's a sin?

Lots to think about this New Year. And definitely lots to atone for next week. More on that one later.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Happy Singles Week!

How fun- I just found out that September 17-23rd is National Singles Week. This is our week to tell all our married friends to f* off. In fact, I don't think that anyone is allowed to ask us when we are getting married, if we are dating anyone, or why we're still single this week!

In honor of this week, I thought I'd share some fun facts:

Unmarried Adults
89 million- Number of unmarried adults in the United States as of March 2004. 53 million had never been married. 22 million were currently divorced. 14 million were widowed.
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, 2004 Annual Social and Economic Supplement.

48% and 44%- The proportions of American women and men, respectively, who were 15 and over and unmarried in 2000. These percentages were up from 40 percent and 35 percent, respectively, in 1970.

Never Married
13.3 million- The number of people, ages 25 to 34 in 2000, who had never been married; this number represents 35 percent of all people in this age group. The total of never-been-marrieds among the 35-to-44 age bracket was 6.9 million or 15 percent.

42%- The percent of the workforce in February 2002, ages 16 and over, which was unmarried. Nearly 57 million of the 133.3 million people employed that month were unmarried.

63%- The percent of unemployed people in February 2002 who were unmarried. Married people have a lower unemployment rate that do unmarried people.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's all in the name

A year and a half ago, when I was dating my ex, Matt, I used another name for him when writing about some of our earliest dates. This was before he became The Man (and was later penned The Fool by Mr. Anonymous.) I called him Adam. I'm not sure where that name came from, as I have never dated an Adam, and actually had never been friends with an Adam. But Adam he was. It was funny, my best friend Stacey actually thought his name was Adam for the first month or two we dated. Ironically, I have gone out several times recently with someone named Adam. Hopefully my friends won't call him Matt.

Then there's the name Steve. Of the few men that I have slept with, 18% have been named Steve.

I have only dated one David, although I told my mother a few years ago that I was destined to marry a David. 0 Micheals, 0 Scotts, and only 1 Jeff (1 was more than I could handle.)

If and when I have a son, he might have a biblical name such as Jonah or Noah. Or something unusual such as Bricke. Or maybe I'll name him after my sports hero: Cal.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I'm back- did you miss me?? For those that didn't know, I was in Greece with my sister- what an amazing country. I'll post a few pictures (not all of the 220 that my sister took) but just one or two. However, there was one that I just couldn't wait any longer to share.

If you're offended by my pervertedness, close this page now. Otherwise, the picture below was captured on our way to dinner, our first night in Athens. Of course I lost my appetite for a few minutes. This sure gives new meaning to the phrase, "licking pussy."

Thursday, September 07, 2006

You Can Call Me...

There's something quite special about nicknames. When used, they immediately bring back a memory, a time in your life that's long past. Of course, I'm sure my camp counselor that we called Trip Nip for her unusual anatomy is quite pleased to not have that moniker. And as a younger child, most of the nicknames handed to me were mean. "Fink" somehow morphed into "Finkelstein" which somehow evolved into "Frankenstein." Damn kids are cruel.

In high school, my good friend Niki and I would read Lord of the Flies aloud on the phone each night, rather than silently. Over 15 years later, she is still Ralph looking for the conch, and I am still Piggy who broke my specs.

College led to Lips, which I have mentioned before, as well as Finkster (real original.)

Which brings me to the current day. I want a new nickname. I know that Debbie is technically a nickname, but that doesn't count. And neither does Deb, which I hate. I want something fun. Like Bee.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Reflections of 32

Another year has come and gone, and in keeping with the tradition of years' past, I found another gray hair on my birthday. Its amazing that 364 days will pass sans gray, and yet on September 4th, one decides to rear its ugly head. Or shall I say rear its hair. I should note, however, that this gray hair was not on my head (and NO, it was not down there, thank god) but rather slightly below my dark brown eyebrows. Weird.

So as I have mentioned once or twice, yesterday was my birthday. Me and Beyonce. But Steve Irwin died which is sad for us and the crocodiles. And turning 33 resulted in a reflection of 32. So what exactly did I accomplish?

1. I got a raise- about $32 per paycheck (woo hoo! and boy did I make a numerical error originally with this one)
2. I learned about what I want in a man, what I don't, and what I am unsure about.
3. I outgrew my apartment.
4. I outgrew my jeans, but they now fit again.
5. I made a few friends. I lost one.
6. I became a better poker player.

I'm sure there is more, but I just can't stop looking at the pictures of Suri Cruise. She actually looks like her parents, so I am thinking she might exist. Although, I have seen Photoshop do wonders. Her hair is a little creepy. In case you haven't seen them yet, here they are.


I know, it's been a while. Sorry. Slammed at work. Cranky.
Will write soon.